Wire drawing, cold forming, thread and profile rolling, secondary operations, surface treatments, heat treatments, galvanic treatments, waste water treatment, optical sorting, final assembly, packaging, warehousing and handling are the main processes and functions we master at our factory in Fossato di Vico, and all under one roof.

This gives TR VIC a competitive advantage, as it allow us to understand in-depth the products we offer, enables us to fine tune customized products and finally to execute in a very short time the production in case of an emergency, for whatever reason.

We took a strategic decision to focus on investing resources and efforts in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, and opted to outsource some high volume more common parts to lower cost countries. Manufacturing and quality control equipment helps us to meet product specifications, and is well maintained and revamped to meet new opportunities and requirements.

Some of the systems we have designed recently are thermo-plastic injected which are then preassembled to metal fasteners. We developed a local and global supply chain, specializing in these types of manufacturing processes.

With our new developments into the automotive sectors, TR VIC’s manufacturing and quality system has been further enhanced and successfully audited by some Customers, according to ISO TS 16949.