We usually refer to our products by the functional job they carry out within a more complex system - rather than using a product norm or a sequence of sizes and material specs.

After all our Customers can appreciate the value of bespoke components with the functional characteristics they require within their products/processes, rather than a catalogue reference number.

Since the beginning we learnt to listen to Customer needs and invest efforts, resources and competence in solving their application problems.

We then used this to develop efficient and effective tools to better support our Customers, i.e. 3D Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Method for simulation of components fittings. This includes the use of additive processes for manufacturing of prototypes, aiding the manufacturing of prototypes by hard tools, and various test benches for application testing and validating, DOE, FMEA, FMECA.

To expedite such developments, we cooperate with local Universities and Polytechnics.

Some of the solutions we developed were actually adopted as industry standards at European level.

Some of these eventually evolved into internationally patented products, such as steel/plastic/rubber ready to use in sub-systems pictured here.